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Final Laurie Update

Clovice actually spoke to Laurie today.  She is in some pain, as one would expect after a full hysterectomy. Some good news items:

  • The teaching hospital was so appalled with the treatment Laurie received at the emergency room she first went to they decided to waive ALL FEES – including post-op care. Yes, there is a God…
  • This teaching hospital is one of the finest in the world for the care she requires
  • The surgeon believes he got all the cancer
  • This type of cancer requires no further treatment past surgical removal – therefore, no chemo and no radiation

Evidently, there was a non-malignant tumor also present which they removed which was causing an infection in her uterus (the cause of her pain?). They removed the tumor and she’s on a course of antibiotics. Laurie will be monitored closely to make sure she’s cancer-free.

It’s great news Laurie has recieved such wonderful care at an affordable price. However, health care like this should be a right and not a privilege for every American.


Health Care Community Discussion

Here’s a link to our UU community’s discussion on health care as requested by Tom Daschle and the incoming Obama administration:

Healthy conversation

Laurie Update

Clovice spoke to Leslie yesterday. Laurie will be going home today – she’s still weak, but doing much better.

The lab results came back confirming she does have the rare form of ovarian cancer they suspected she did have. Some good things about this: 1) The teaching hospital now has a vested interest in continuing to treat her 2) This type of cancer does not require chemotherapy – only radiation.

Now the road to recovery begins….


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