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EarReverence at the City of Lights

Here’s a video of my a cappella vocal quartet recording our new CD at the City of Lights studio in Lakeport. The sound is unmixed and was recorded by the microphone on my camera.

I’m the one next to Bill Bordisso (the lead singer for this song). The song is “Come Go With Me.”  Here’s some trivia about the tune from Wikipedia:

Come Go with Me” is a song written by C. E. Quick. The song was originally recorded by the Del-Vikings in 1956. It became a big-seller on Dot Records in early-1957, reaching number four on the Billboard charts in the United States. The Del-Vikings’ recording was featured in the films “American Graffiti” and “Stand by Me“. The song was later covered by the American pop band The Beach Boys and was released on their 1978 album MIU Album. In January, 1982, the single became a top twenty hit, reaching number eighteen in the United States. In 2004 Rolling Stone ranked the doo wop-styled song #441 on its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Go to my youTube channel to see the other recordings I made during this session.



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