Advanced Housing Technologies, LLC (AHT) is the business my husband, Clovice, is passionately involved in. AHT provides green small temporary housing solutions (read: FEMA trailer replacement).

Here’s our “blurb” we send out to potential investors. Do you know any funding sources for us? Call (707-587-4277) or email me at ccolelewis@advancedhousingtech.com with your suggestions or for a copy of our executive summary.

Clean Tech Start Up Seeks Capital for Prototypes (and beyond)

A Green Alternative to FEMA Trailers, and more.

Clovice A. Lewis Jr. spent two months in Mississippi after Katrina (and one week of that time living in a FEMA trailer.) Advanced Housing Technologies LLC (AHT) was founded in 2006 by Mr. Lewis to provide an answer to the overwhelming need he saw for effective, safe and humane disaster-relief housing and associated services.

AHT provides a complete and totally “green” solution for governments and companies requiring small temporary housing and utilities (energy, waste management, water and communications). Our products make it possible for communities to exist off-the-grid in previously uninhabitable areas for an extended period of time.

Our patentable technologies (and long term goal) will enable us to be a global leader in distributed alternative energy production, management, and delivery.

A seed round of $1.25 M in 2007 permitted us to develop production, sales and marketing plans; document initial manufacturing processes; and explore technologies (some patentable) necessary for full-scale production of our houses and service modules.

Our company has a detailed 6 year plan through 3 phases of funding up to $160M. However, we are seeking $20M immediately to begin producing the prototypes of our systems.

Contact Carol Cole-Lewis at ccolelewis@advancedhousingtech.com for an Executive Summary and further information.


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